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    Question ASATRU vs. CRISTIANITY....

    I am relatively new to the forum here, so I hope I have chosen the correct place for my question!

    I was curious if anyone could point out some of the CORE differences between Asatru and Christianity. An example being; how Asatruar "pray" vs how a Christian would pray. Furthermore, does an Asatruar actually pray in the same fashion as a Christian would? Do Asatruar kneel before a God humbly as a Christian might or as an equal to their God. How about moral values within each faith, are there any majorly contrasting differences in morals? Do Asatruar believe their Gods control all things in life, such as the popular belief amongst Christians that God is in total and complete control of everything in life, this world and in every persons daily doings?
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    Hi Rich,

    The following are just mho's.

    As to "prayer", yes Heathens pray. There is no one correct way of doing it. Some have the attitude that "I would never bow to anyone, even my Gods", some kneel before the Gods not out of fear or submission but out of respect & reverence. One can look to the Saga's and see where some Priest when they entered the Holy Stead would never have their heads level to or above that of the statue of the God of that temple, hince kneeling before the Gods.

    As to the "morals", well you need to read the Havamal for a starter.

    As to "Do the Gods control all things?"
    Unlike Christianity, Heathens take the blame for their own decisions in life. Wyrd, Orlag, and the choices "WE" make are what govern out lives. While the Gods may take an interest and help the flow here or there, ultimatly the choices are ours.


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